Fingerbank Cloud API

The Fingerbank Cloud API is a SAAS devices identification solution which also provides devices network behaviour patterns used for anomaly detection.

The Fingerbank Cloud API provides a simple RESTful API for devices identification, network behaviour patterns, users management with authentication, authorization and accounting services. The Fingerbank Cloud API can be freely queried for up to 300 requests per hour. For heavier usage, it is possible purchase chunks of 1 million API requests per month.

Finally, the Fingerbank Cloud API can also be licensed so you can use it in your own public/private Cloud. This allow tighter integration with your products.


The Fingerbank Cloud API is based on the Kubernetes technology. The official version is hosted on the Google Compute Engine in multiple data centers in order to ensure low-latency across different geographical locations.

Benefits of the Fingerbank Cloud API

As a SAAS, the Fingerbank Cloud API can be easily integrated in any solutions requiring devices identification or anomaly detection services.

Up to 300 free requests per hour can be performed by any registered user. More can be purchased directly from Inverse and the Fingerbank Cloud API can also be licensed.


The Fingerbank Cloud API is closed-source software. If you are interested running an on-premise version, please contact Inverse for licensing details.