There are two licensing options for Fingerbank. You can license the SQLite version of the database (which contains DHCP v4/v6 fingerprints, user-agents, derived devices and combinations) or license access to the Fingerbank Cloud API. The SQLite database is fairly big and not meant to be installed on routers/APs/small equipment as it weights a few gigabytes now. Fixed pricing is used for the SQLite database. Please contact us for details.

The Cloud API brings you behavioral analysis support and is very fast and lightweight. The Cloud API can be queried using a simple RESTful JSON-based API. This is the preferred approach to integrate and query Fingerbank. You have 3 options for the Cloud API:

  1. you query the API for up to 300 requests per hour, for free, on
  2. you purchase chunks of 1M API requests per month and query the API on
  3. you license Fingerbank Cloud API and run it in-house on say,

For options № 2 and № 3, fixed pricing is used. Please contact us for details.

Also, if you aim to use Fingerbank on switches/routers/APs/etc., you should have a look at our Fingerbank Collector.

The Collector does all data collection required for identification process for you and integrates with the Could API to give you extremely accurate device identification.

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